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I aim to go deep

The underpinnings of letting go of the consciousness of addiction; self-knowledge and self-esteem, clear priorities, enthusiasm and willingness all come from the inside. That’s a vital story that can’t be emphasised enough – and which just is not addressed properly. What is out there can tend to be abstract and theoretical, and does not offer practical advice.

So where do you start if you think you are addicted? Set your sails and go for the deep.

I aim to be for real

I do not promise overnight cures from addiction (they do happen, but more of that in the site). I will not promise you that the process of freeing yourself will be easy, or tell you how you can be peaceful and serene in 4 easy steps. Instead, I will share with you at least my understandings of the essence of addiction, the inner dynamics of what you are working with and how this proper understanding is essential. Actually I have a really common sense approach based on the very best of medical and scientific research.

Unburdening yourself from addiction is only one side of the coin. I can empower you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. I will coach you on making the most of your body, your energy, your choices and your time. I will help you see, firsthand, how freeing yourself from the trap of addiction is totally intertwined with creating better health and fitness and how all of these contribute to a happier and more balanced life which is after all the whole point of your recovery.

I respect your intelligence

No gimmicks, no fantasies, no hype. No unrealistic promises or questionable shortcuts. Just in-depth, articulate coverage of what it takes to free yourself, to reclaim your life – this includes health, fitness and quality-of-life topics that really matter to the process of recovery. There will be plenty of “aha!” insights and practical advice designed to broaden your perspectives and tell you the truth of where you are at and what is possible for you.

I (hopefully!) see the big picture

Together we will cover the cutting edge of what it takes to unchain yourself, and this must include probing what it takes to personally and spiritually develop yourself – for this is at the heart of recovery whether you like it or not. Hand in hand we will explore physical fitness, nutrition and wellness – and you will you discover the joy of new, active adventures in your life which don’t involve getting intoxicated.

I will also focus on the common-sense essentials, the nuts-and-bolts information that can be easy to overlook in the midst of what is sometimes a contradictory overwhelm of information and limited cultural assumptions about addictions and addicts.

I get it

I assume you are an intelligent, discerning, busy man or woman who appreciates knowing what works, and what doesn’t. The Rehab Doc is a whole person website with personality and integrity, guts and soul. Enjoy the journey.

Your health is your responsibility

The material provided here at The Rehab Doc website is for general information purposes only and is not medical advice. You should always seek professional medical advice or diagnosis from an appropriately qualified practicing medical physician or counsellor no matter what the problem. Never use any content on The Rehab Doc to disregard any medical advice you have received and never delay seeking medical advice because of content you have read or seen here, or on any other website. If you think you have a problem, don’t put it off – make an appointment and see someone, today.

We guarantee our independence, and your privacy

The Rehab Doc is an independent website and all the articles are edited and checked by expert independent medical practitioners or counsellors with experience in the treatment and consequences of addiction.

As a doctor I understand patient confidentiality and how important it is to everyone. On The Rehab Doc website we apply the same standards to protecting and upholding your online privacy rights – you can visit and read the information here without telling us about yourself, either knowingly or not.

Copyright Notice

The Rehab Doc site provides articles and links to third parties who hold the copyright on their original content. Under no circumstances should anyone copy or redistribute in any way such articles without first gaining express written permission to do so from the rehab doc.

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All about The Rehab Doc
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