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Am I a Drug Addict?

Anyone who takes illegal drugs or medications that lead to addiction should ask ‘Am I a Drug Addict?’, from time to time. If you already know you have an addiction then maybe it is time to deal with it. But if you are not sure about whether or not you have fallen into addiction, it is easy enough to look for the signs. Drug addiction can develop surprisingly fast and it is not unusual for an individual not to be aware that the point of no return has been reached.

If the question ‘Am I an addict?’ pops up in your head now and then, there is a reason for it. Why not check through the signs and asses your real situation:

Would you rather take a drug than not?

Do you try to cope without the drug?

Do you save money to make sure you can buy your drugs?

Do you plan journeys or vacations around making sure you have an adequate amount of drugs or money to buy more while you are away from home?

Do you carefully monitor your drug supply and always make sure that you have more than enough easily to hand?

Do you know exactly when you last took a dose, and when you are going to take another one?

Do you look around for people who can get you a refill in case you run out?

Do you attend more than one doctor and obtain prescriptions for your drugs from all the doctors you see?

Do you steal to get money for your drugs?

Do you lie to people about the drugs you take?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these questions there could be a problem. Maybe you should just check for physical indications that your body is suffering because you have become an addict. If you:

  • are anxious between doses
  • your skin and hair are in poor condition
  • you have not been paying attention to personal hygiene
  • your teeth are deteriorating
  • you have signs of jaundice such as yellowing skin or eyes
  • your vision blurs from time to time
  • you sweat a lot shortly before you are due to take your next dose
  • your mood swings from high to low for no apparent reason
  • you have not been eating regularly for a while

It is time to get a better informed perspective. Call your doctor and make an appointment to discuss your concerns.

If you have altered your behavior radically and find that you think more about getting your drug, taking your drug and getting more of your drug than anything else call your doctor, NOW, and ask for a referral to a rehab center. Get the help your body and mind are screaming for. Please do not put it off, each day you waste chasing your addiction is another rung on the ladder of recovery. Make the call, get help and get it today.

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